Parent Portal

Capture precious moments and stay connected with your child's school.

With Parent Portal, you can upload photos and videos to create a digital scrapbook of your child's life. Plus, easily connect with your child's school to stay updated on their progress. Become a super parent with Parent Portal.

For Parents


Add pictures, videos, or a note about your child. Memories are private and not shared with anyone outside your family.


An online reward system for your child with customised goals and points to promote good behaviour.


Arrange and manage your own parties and invite other parents. See upcoming school events and buy tickets.


Teachers' observations show on your news feed and are not lost when your child changes classes or moves schools.


Search local and national interest groups of parents or create your own groups to connect with likeminded parents.


Create a drop box for other parents to upload and share photos and videos of your events.


More Benefits

  • A personalised news feed created by parents and teachers.
  • Create memories of your child that stay with them forever.
  • See teacher observations of your child directly on your news feed.
  • Keep your child's history as they change classes or schools.
  • Custom daily reminders to help you keep on top of your child's schedule.
  • Stay up to date with school news and events.
  • Connect, talk, and share with other parents.
  • Public, private, and anonymous discussion forums and groups.



I love that each memory tells me exactly how old Mary was when the memory was created. I will definitely be creating more memories.

When Sana left nursery and started going to school, I didn't lose any of her observations from nursery, these will be amazing to look back at as she grows.

School events used to be a nightmare, I didn't know when tickets went on sale and often didn't know where to buy them. That's all changed now.

I'm so glad I no longer have to log into the tap-tap-app to upload Lisa's homework. Everything is now in one place and I feel like a super-mum!

A private social network for my children with no fear of oversharing? Yes please! Me and my husband both love looking back at their early years.

The groups are great, I no longer have to search through masses of WhatsApp messages to find the information I am looking for.

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For Schools

Provide your parents with a platform to connect, collaborate, and engage with your school. Creating a positive and engaged parent community not only benefits the school and its teachers, but also the students and parents too.

Below are just some of the benefits of using The Patent Portal.


  • Create or import years, classes and enter minimal student details.
  • Parents update and maintain students' personal details themselves.
  • Create a customised child questionnaire for parents to complete to gather details about new students.


  • Communicate directly with parents.
  • Send announcements to the entire school, individual years, classes or students.
  • Create student observations that are shared with parents.

Bells and Whistles

  • Create school events, sell tickets, and request volunteers.
  • Create homework, share with parents, and receive completed homework.
  • Online Video Parents Evenings and booking system.

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Parent Portal is FREE for all parents. Every parent gets 5GB of storage, that's enough for around 25 thousand photos or approximately 30 minutes of high quality video.

Parents have the option to buy additional storage. Additional storage is charged at £12 for 50GB per year.

Parent Portal is FREE for all schools until September 2024.

Your school needs to be registered and created on Parent Portal before you can join. Once your school has been set up, they will give you a unique code that will allow you to link your account with the school.

Parent Portal is an online app that you will access through your browser at

Parent Portal is not on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The online app is mobile friendly, so you can create memories and stay in touch with your school on-the-go from your phone or tablet.


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