What is a dessert? (Sandy not pudding)
A desert (not dessert like pudding) is a very dry and often sandy place where it hardly ever rains. It's like a super-dry and sandy playground for nature.

Imagine going to a beach with lots and lots of sand. Now, imagine that instead of a beach by the ocean, you're in a place where it's hot, and there's sand everywhere, as far as you can see. That's a desert!

Deserts are special because they don't get much rain. So, it's really hard for plants and animals to live there. But even in these tough conditions, you can find some incredible creatures like camels and cacti that have adapted to the dry, sandy environment.

Deserts can be really hot during the day and very cold at night because there aren't many clouds to keep the heat in. So, it's like a place of extreme weather where everything is sandy, and it hardly ever rains.