What animals live in the dessert?
Sure, here are some animals that live in the desert and a fun fact about each of them, explained like you're 5:

1. Camel: Camels are often called the "ships of the desert" because they can carry heavy loads and walk long distances without needing much water. They have a special hump on their back that stores fat, which they can use for food and water when there's not much around.

2. Scorpion: Scorpions are tiny creatures with a big sting! They use their stingers to catch insects to eat. Some scorpions even glow in the dark under ultraviolet light.

3. Roadrunner: Roadrunners are fast-running birds known for their long legs. They can run really quickly to catch their prey, like snakes and insects. They're famous in cartoons, too, like the one that's always chasing the coyote!

4. Fennec Fox: Fennec foxes are tiny foxes with big ears that help them hear really well in the desert. They're also good at staying cool in the hot sand.

5. Kangaroo Rat: Kangaroo rats don't need to drink water because they get enough moisture from the seeds they eat. They're like little desert superheroes!

6. Sidewinder Snake: Sidewinder snakes have a unique way of moving in the sand. They sort of slither sideways, which helps them move quickly and avoid the hot desert surface.

7. Desert Tortoise: Desert tortoises are slow movers, but they can live for a very long time, sometimes over 100 years! They also have hard shells to protect themselves.

8. Gila Monster: We talked about Gila Monsters earlier, but here's a fun fact: they have really powerful jaws and can crush the shells of their prey, like eggs, to get to the tasty insides.

9. Meerkat: Meerkats are social animals that live in groups called mobs. They take turns standing guard to watch out for predators while the others search for food. They're like little desert community members!

These are just a few of the amazing animals that have adapted to live in the harsh conditions of the desert. They each have their own special tricks to survive in the hot, dry sand!