What is a chemical element?
A chemical element is like a special ingredient that makes up everything around us, including you and me!

You know how when you make a cake, you need different ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs? Chemical elements are like those ingredients, but instead of making a cake, they make up everything you see in the world.

Each element has its own unique properties and characteristics. Some elements are shiny, like gold and silver. Some are gases that you can't see, like oxygen and helium. And some are solids that you can touch, like iron and carbon.

Scientists have discovered and named many different elements, and they have special symbols to represent them. For example, the symbol for oxygen is "O," and the symbol for carbon is "C."

When different elements combine and mix together, they create new substances, just like when you mix flour, sugar, and eggs to make a cake. These new substances can be solids, liquids, or gases, and they have different properties than the original elements.

So, chemical elements are like the special ingredients that make up everything in the world, and they have their own unique properties and symbols. It's like a big recipe for everything around us!