Give me the characteristics of an amphibian?
Amphibians are a group of animals that are really cool! They have some special characteristics that make them unique. Here are some simple explanations for these characteristics:

1. Amphibians have slimy skin: Unlike humans or other animals, amphibians have a wet and slimy skin. It helps them stay moist and breathe through their skin.

2. They can live on land and in water: Amphibians are great at living in both water and on land. They are born in the water and usually start their lives as tiny eggs. As they grow, they develop into tadpoles, which have gills and live underwater. Eventually, they undergo a process called metamorphosis, where they grow legs and lungs, and they transform into adult amphibians that can live on land and in water.

3. They can breathe through their skin: One cool thing about amphibians is that they can breathe through their skin. They have special blood vessels close to the surface of their skin that help them absorb oxygen from the air or water.

4. They lay jelly-like eggs: Amphibians lay eggs, just like birds do, but their eggs are different. Amphibian eggs are jelly-like and don't have a hard shell. They are usually laid in water and have to stay moist to develop properly.

5. They go through metamorphosis: Remember when we talked about tadpoles? Well, that's part of a process called metamorphosis. During metamorphosis, amphibians undergo physical changes, like growing legs and lungs, so they can live on land as adults. It's like a magical transformation!

6. They have unique life cycles: Amphibians have different life cycles than most other animals. They start as eggs, then become tadpoles, and finally transform into adult amphibians. This is quite different from mammals or birds, which are born as miniature versions of their parents.

So, amphibians have slimy skin, live both in water and on land, breathe through their skin, lay jelly-like eggs, go through metamorphosis, and have unique life cycles. They are fascinating creatures with amazing adaptations for their environments!