What is an apex predator?
An apex predator is like the king or queen of its habitat—the top, most powerful predator in its environment.

Imagine a jungle with different animals. Some animals are hunters and some are hunted. The apex predator is the one at the very top of the food chain, meaning there are no other animals that hunt and eat it. It's like being the biggest, strongest, and smartest hunter in the jungle.

Apex predators are really important because they help keep the balance in their ecosystem. They control the population of other animals by hunting and eating them. This helps to make sure that no species becomes too numerous and disrupts the harmony of the environment.

For example, in the ocean, the great white shark is considered an apex predator. It's a strong and skilled hunter that preys on other marine animals. On land, the lion is often considered an apex predator. It's a powerful hunter that hunts other animals like zebras and gazelles.

So, an apex predator is like the boss of its habitat—the most powerful predator that keeps the balance in the animal kingdom.