What is an explosion?
An explosion is a big, sudden release of energy. It happens when something that was stored under pressure, like gas or chemicals, is released very quickly and creates a powerful force. It's like a big burst of energy happening all at once.

Now, let's talk about Mentos and Coca-Cola. When you drop Mentos candies into a bottle of Coca-Cola, something interesting happens. The candies have tiny, bumpy surfaces that help create a lot of bubbles in the soda. When you drop the Mentos into the Coke, it causes a lot of bubbles to form really quickly.

The bubbles stick to the rough surface of the Mentos candy and start to grow. It's like when you blow bubbles using a bubble wand, but inside the bottle of Coke. These bubbles grow and grow until they become too big for the soda to hold onto them.

When the bubbles become too big and the Coke can't hold them anymore, they want to escape. This creates a lot of pressure inside the bottle, and all that pressure builds up until it becomes really strong. And then, kaboom! The pressure is released very quickly, causing the Coke to shoot out of the bottle in an explosion!

So, when you drop Mentos into Coca-Cola, the candy creates a lot of bubbles that build up pressure, and when the pressure becomes too much, it causes an explosion of soda shooting out of the bottle. It's a fun and fizzy science experiment to watch! Just remember to do it safely and with adult supervision.