Tell me all about electricity
Electricity is like a special kind of energy that powers many things in our world. It's the magic that makes lights turn on, toys move, and even helps us use our computers and phones.

Electricity comes from tiny particles called electrons. These electrons have a negative charge and are found inside atoms, which are the tiny building blocks of everything around us.

When we want to use electricity, we need something called a circuit. A circuit is like a special path for the electrons to flow through. It's like a track for a toy train. The circuit has three important parts: a power source, wires, and something to use the electricity, like a lightbulb or a toy.

The power source can be a battery or a power outlet in the wall. It provides the electricity that the electrons need to move. When we turn on a switch or plug something in, it completes the circuit, allowing the electrons to start flowing through the wires.

As the electrons move through the wires, they carry energy. This energy is what makes things work. For example, when you turn on a light switch, the electrons flow through the wires and into the lightbulb. The energy they carry makes the lightbulb glow and give off light.

But we have to be careful with electricity because it can be dangerous. We should never touch bare wires or put our fingers in electrical outlets. That's why we have special safety rules to follow.

So, electricity is a special energy that flows through circuits and powers things like lights, toys, and devices. It's like magic that brings our world to life!