What does abominable mean?
"Abominable" is a word that means something is really, really bad or terrible. It's like when you see or experience something that makes you feel very scared, disgusted, or upset.

For example, imagine you're watching a movie, and there's a scary monster that does mean things to people. You might say that the monster is "abominable" because it's so frightening and behaves very badly.

Or, let's say you have a piece of food that tastes really, really bad, and you can't eat it. You could describe the taste as "abominable" because it's so unpleasant and makes you want to spit it out.

So, "abominable" is a word we use to describe something that is really, really bad or terrible. It's like a way of saying that something is so awful that it makes us feel scared, disgusted, or upset.