What is a belly button?
A belly button is like a little dent or hole in the middle of your tummy, right where your belly is. It's also called the navel.

When you were inside your mommy's tummy before you were born, you got all the food and oxygen you needed from her through a special cord called the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord was like a lifeline that connected you to your mommy.

But when you were born, you didn't need the umbilical cord anymore because you could breathe and eat on your own. So, the doctors carefully cut the cord, leaving a little piece of it still attached to your tummy. This is what became your belly button!

As you grow up, your belly button doesn't serve any special purpose, but it's like a little reminder of where you used to get all your love and nourishment when you were just a tiny baby. So, everyone has a belly button, and it's a special mark from when we were once connected to our mommies before we were born.