Why is water wet?
Water is wet because of the way its molecules stick together and interact with other things.

Imagine you have a toy building block made of tiny pieces. These pieces are the molecules that make up water. Each piece is like a tiny magnet, and it likes to stick to other pieces.

When water molecules come close to each other, they stick together like friends holding hands. This sticking together is what makes water feel wet when you touch it. It's like you have lots and lots of tiny friends holding on to your skin when you're in the water.

The wet feeling is also because water molecules can easily spread out and cover things. When you pour water on a table or a toy, the water molecules spread out and form a thin layer over the surface, making it feel wet.

So, water is wet because its molecules like to stick together and spread out, creating that wet and refreshing feeling we love when we swim, take a bath, or play with water!