How is sand made and where does it come from?
Sand is like a bunch of tiny, tiny rocks that have been made by nature over a really, really long time.

Imagine the world is full of big rocks and mountains. Over many years, these rocks can break apart because of things like wind, water, and even sunlight. When they break apart, they become smaller and smaller pieces called grains.

These grains of rock can be really, really small, like the size of little specks. They are what we call sand. So, sand is made from these tiny pieces of rock that have broken off from bigger rocks.

Now, where does it come from? Well, sometimes rocks can be near the ocean, rivers, or lakes. Waves in the ocean or currents in the water can keep moving these grains of sand around. They bump into each other, get carried along by the water, and sometimes end up on the shores of beaches or the bottom of rivers and lakes.

So, sand is made when rocks break into tiny pieces, and it comes from different places like the shores of oceans, rivers, and lakes. It's like nature's way of giving us these little grains that are perfect for building sandcastles and playing at the beach!