What is a cram and why do we get them?
A cramp is like a surprise squeeze that happens in our muscles, making them feel really tight and sometimes a bit sore.

Our muscles are like rubber bands inside our body. Sometimes, if we use them a lot or if we don't drink enough water, they can get tired or a little bit grumpy. When they get grumpy, they might suddenly squeeze really tight, and that's when we feel a cramp.

It's kind of like when you hold a rubber band and pull it too much – it might suddenly snap or get all tight and knotted up.

But don't worry, cramps usually go away on their own after a little while. You can help by gently stretching the tight muscle or taking a little break to rest. And remember, drinking water and eating healthy food can help keep your muscles happy and less likely to get cramps!

So, a cramp is like a muscle's way of saying, "Hey, I need a break!" It happens when our muscles get a bit too tired or grumpy, but with a little care and rest, they'll feel better soon.