What does transparent mean?
"Transparent" is like having an invisible cloak for things you can see through easily, like when you look through a window or a clear glass.

Imagine you have a magical paper that you can't feel but can see everything behind it. That paper is transparent! When something is transparent, it means you can see right through it, just like when you look through clean water or a clear plastic bag.

Now, "translucent" is a bit like having a curtain that's a little bit see-through, but not completely. When something is translucent, you can still kind of see through it, but it's a bit blurry or hazy. Imagine if you had a glass that's not very clear, like when you look through frosted glass or a shower curtain – you can see there's something behind it, but not very clearly.

So, transparent is when you can see through something clearly, like a clear window, and translucent is when you can sort of see through something but not very clearly, like frosted glass. It's like different levels of magic for how things hide or show what's behind them!