What’s the deal with fingernails?
Fingernails are like little shields that protect the tips of our fingers and help us do things like pick up toys, open jars, and scratch our heads.

The part of the fingernail that's pink underneath is called the "nail bed." It looks pink because there are tiny blood vessels under there. These blood vessels help keep our nails healthy and give them the pink color. The part of the nail that's white at the tips is called the "free edge."

Now, about the colors: our nails are actually kind of see-through! They can look pink because of the blood vessels underneath. When the nails are thicker at the tips, they can look whiter because they're not letting as much light through. It's a bit like when you put a flashlight under your hand – your skin looks red because of the light shining through the blood vessels.

So, the actual color of our nails is a bit see-through with a hint of pink from the blood vessels underneath. And the white tips are because the nails are thicker there and don't let as much light through. It's like having little windows on our fingers that show the pink and white parts in a cool way!