What is sandpaper?
Sandpaper is like a helper for making things smooth or rough. It's a special kind of paper that has tiny, gritty stuff stuck to it, like the sand you find at the beach, but much smaller.

Imagine you have a wooden block that's a bit rough and you want it to be smooth, like a silky blanket. You can use sandpaper to rub the block. The gritty stuff on the paper gently rubs against the wood, making it softer and smoother.

Or imagine you have a piece of wood that's too smooth, like a slippery slide. If you want it to have some texture, you can use rough sandpaper. The gritty bits on the paper make the wood less slippery, like adding some bumps to the slide.

So, sandpaper is like a tool that helps you change how things feel by making them smoother or rougher. It's like magic paper that helps you make stuff just the way you want it!